What is Last Mile?

This mode of transport refers to package transport management, but focused on the last journey, this means that it usually corresponds to the route that is made once several packages have been grouped that can be distributed in a city.




Smart and efficient transportation.


Display of GPS traceability of the driver app.


Upload guide compliment via app.


Notifications via SMS or email about the different states of service.


Plan your routes, reduce operating costs and manage your deliveries in real time.


Administrative platform to control drivers, vehicles, deliveries, news, among others.


User app for tracking deliveries with status notifications, service rating.


Driver aptp deliveries can be visualized through additional stops, as well as intelligent routing.

Importance of Last Mile in Logistics

For last-mile service providers, it has been a challenge to assume this mode of transport because, on the one hand, the needs of the market have been changing, now customers seek to receive their packages in the shortest time possible, on the other hand, they must take into account the logistics costs that this implies, which is why companies that want to evolve in this type of service must focus on efficiency so that their service is optimal, for this it is important to have technology that allows companies have advantages over the competition.

Last Mille
Last Mille

How to optimize the last mile?


The team you have is of vital importance for the realization of the deliveries, but it is impossible to guarantee that you will obtain 100% perfection. To ensure that all your processes are up to date, MovilMove last mile offers you a technological alternative so that your company can take on the challenges of daily operation, in addition to this, you save costs, reduce delivery times and you can count on the total satisfaction of your customers.