What is the parcel service?

This modality is characterized by providing door-to-door service to different cities and towns in the country, collecting and delivering packages to various recipients. They also attend frequent shipments of merchandise, which include everything from a printed document, to raw materials or finished products.

Why have SIT ca® in my company?

There are several platforms in charge of managing this type of operations in the cargo and merchandise transport sector. However, we have taken it upon ourselves to analyze and create SITca® with improved features compared to the others, thinking of offering you a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform.

In SITca®, all the processes are unified, in addition, we designed the package tool, so that the end user, that is, the client who needs to send packages, can navigate through the platform with peace of mind and be the one who programs your shipments.


Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The client will be able to create guides and later create their dispatch, they will have a quote the platform will give them an approximate value of what they want to send, they will be able to see the tracking of their guides.

Tracking is you can track and/or trace the merchandise, you can see all the news that your shipment or cargo presents during the collection and delivery process, you will have the option of real-time customer service.

Package module processes

Easy, safe steps without re-processing so that the merchandise arrives at its destination and on time, with efficient and continuous monitoring of the operation.

Proceso de guías origen y destino

Process of origin and destination guides

Generation of guides from the portal in real time with knowledge of the approximate quoter, the operating department automatically knows the generated guide and starts the collection process. This portal has the possibility of visualizing the state of the guide from its generation to its delivery.

Equipos de recogida y reparto

Collection and delivery equipment

Parameterization of human resource work teams, who are in charge of collecting and reporting your merchandise and ensure the final delivery of the merchandise, and are responsible for the load.

Asignación de guías a remesa

Allocation of guides to remittance

Classification of guides by city of origin and destination, to a consignment that will be transmitted to the Ministry of Transportation (RNDC) so that this cargo is monitored and certified, as well as its delivery.

With SITca® , generic rates can be parameterized for fixed customers or manage different variables (By weight, Volume, Declared Value, Origin and Destination, type of population) to negotiate a package rate for certain customers.

General fees and trading fees

Tarifas generales y tarifas por negociación

Characteristics of the package module:

In addition to controlling the SITca® operation, it implements high technology in its processes, from better views and extras for customers on mobile devices, to barcode control by hardware.


- User-friendly interface.

- The client himself makes his guides.

- You can quote online.

Multi platform

- Multiplatform, it can be done from any smart electronic device.

- We have cargo display tracking APP.

Barcode reader

- Barcode reader for assignment of guides to consignment.

API - Quoter

Integrate your company's website with your Sitca quoter, through an API that will allow your clients to obtain values of their parcel shipments, this in order to provide immediacy for the realization of their service requests.



Basic data about the shipment.


Personal information.


Collection and delivery data.


Weight, volume, height, length, width.



Tarifas generales y tarifas por negociación



And immediately your clients will have a quote related to the rates you handle.