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What is SITca® 360?

SITca® is software for land freight transportation companies, whether packaged or in bulk, that integrates all areas into a single system, focusing the information on management reports for decision-making.

Account Control

Account Control

Settlement of tolls per trip, settlement of concessionaires per toll

Turn System

Turn System

Creation of shifts for orderly entry

Toll Control

Toll Control

List of tolls and concessionaires with their respective rates

Reasons to choose SITca

We have a trajectory of more than 8 years, in which we ourselves constantly to meet the needs of the present market.

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What is the package service?

This modality is characterized by bringing door-to-door service to different cities and towns in the country, collecting and delivering packages to various recipients. They also handle frequent shipments of merchandise, which include anything from a printed document to raw materials or finished products.

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What is the Massive service?

This mode of transport is characterized by transporting large quantities of merchandise to different cities and/or towns in the country, through a dispatch generated for a single client with an associated vehicle.

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What is the Last Mile service?

This mode of transport refers to a package transport management, but focused on the last journey, this means that it usually corresponds to the journey that is made once several packages have been grouped that can be distributed in a city.

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What is the Air Cargo service?

This modality in logistics implies the use of an airplane as a means of transport to carry merchandise between different destinations, this option is usually much faster, which makes it more appropriate for the shipment of merchandise that requires faster delivery, usually they are products that are part of a supply chain that require special attention.

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What is the Liquid Cargo service?

This modality, It is characterized by transporting products in a liquid state, such as petroleum derivatives (Gasoline and other fuels), chemical or food products.

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Some of the advantages of Sitca in liquid cargo

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We use the most innovative technology to ensure a better experience.


Robust Software


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Automatic ticket generation


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Risk control
from third parties

Study with approval of drivers and vehicles


Of customers

Updated record about your customers


Relocation control
from containers

Control loading and unloading of locations in X, Y and Z


Orders from

Planning upcoming services and trips


to the RNDC

Documents duly authorized by the Ministry of Transport in a single process

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Get to know one of our success stories

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Success stories

Get to know one of our implementations that we proudly show: Entrekarga, a Colombian company that is going at full speed improving its processes, integrating all its departments and perfecting its entire operation, far surpassing its competition.


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